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so as you guys may have noticed, ali and i haven't been around that much. we're both busy with school; i just started an internship and ali regularly drowns in computer and coding that's not related to her fancy skins and we're honestly too busy with it all to keep up with this site.

it's been a lot of fun, but there's also been quite some difficulties and those in combination with our lack of time have lead to our decision to draw the line here.

we'll be closing the board to new members, however, we're going to keep the site open for you guys, our excisting members! we'll keep the board open and all of you are more than welcome to stick around and play around with what you've got going on.

we want to thank you all for sticking around and for the fun we've had and hopefully we'll run into each other again some time in the future!
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coded by ali exclusively for i see fire.